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What To Do On All Those Walks

What To Do On All Those Walks

Under the current stay at home order, many of us take a daily walk. Sometimes we might even take two…or five. As we gather in our homes during the COVID-19 crisis, seeing a family out for a walk has become routine in my neighborhood.

Why the daily walk? It is a way to stretch our legs, take in the fresh air and wave to our neighbors from a safe distance. Walking is known for its emotional and physical benefits.

After walking the same neighborhood circle for a couple weeks, you might be looking for ways to mix it up. Check out a few of our suggestions for your next stroll through the neighborhood:

Pick up litter: Wear gloves and bring a grocery sack or trash bag. Pick up discarded items as you walk. This is a good practice for the earth and teaches our children to care for the world around them.

Porch drop: Connect with your neighbors through a social distanced gift left on the front porch. A nice note or hand drawn picture from the kids. Small gifts of hand soap, toilet paper or snacks can lift spirits during this time. This is particularly a nice way to connect with elderly neighbors who are missing family or may need help.

Kindness rocks: This random act of kindness project has been around for several years. More people are joining the trend during COVID-19 when kindness and connection are needed. Paint rocks in your school colors to connect with children missing normal routines.

Birdwatching: Take a pair of binoculars on your next walk. Hear the birds chirping? Look high up in the trees for who is singing to you. Apps like eBird can help you identify the birds your area and keep track. The App is available on Google Store and the Apple Store by Cornell University.

Stargazing: For a night walk, be sure to look up! There are many apps, like Skyview, that show you the constellations. Point your phone at the sky and the app will show you where all the stars and planets are in the sky. Neat, educational and a great addition to your evening walk.

From our house to yours, stay safe and well!

The DFW Recyclers Team

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