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Attention Holiday Gift Shoppers:

Attention Holiday Gift Shoppers:

Here’s How to Recycle Your Electronics in DFW With retailers feeling the pressure to recover from closures and quarantine efforts, great sales on consumer electronics are everywhere: We had Amazon Prime Day on October 13-14, and now in a pandemic era revolution we also had Black Friday into a robust season of sales through November and December as the traditional post-Thanksgiving crowds will be less feasible for massive single-day sales events in the future.

In other words: It’s a great time to get the television, computer, phone, and other devices you’ve been wanting at very low prices.

But before you order that new 65 inch flat screen television or a great new gaming PC, it’s important to decide exactly what you’re going to do with the old electronics in your home. Of course, nobody wants unsightly junk electronics accumulating around the house, especially around the holidays when additional holiday decor (and possibly guests) are likely to take up additional space as well.

So what’s a homeowner to do? Recycle!

According to a statewide study, recycling adds an estimated $3.3 billion to the Texas economy while making a positive impact on the environment.

The City of Forth Worth recommends the following resources:

● The Texas Recycles Televisions Program connects consumers to companies who specialize in television recycling. ● Likewise, the Texas Recycles Computers Program helps computers owners find a safe, secure, free option for recycling old devices.

Recycling Batteries

● The City of Dallas recycles batteries during designated dates and times during the year, which can be important to consumers letting go of old electronics.

Electronics with Sensitive Data

● Concerned with sensitive data on old devices? eRecycler in DFW specializes in the destruction of sensitive data and electronics. Live and Local Recycling Events ● In Dallas, Green Source lists recycling events in the DFW area. Outside of the DFW area? ● The EPA lists electronics recycling resources nationwide. In addition, Greener Gadgets offers information and recycling locations as well. Bulk pickup? ● Contact us DFW Recyclers with all of your Scrap Metal Recycling needs. We also have a Arlington drop off location, call to schedule drop off time.


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