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7 Ways to Have a Greener Holiday

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Happy Holidays!

Now more than ever, we are more aware of our impact on our environment and each other. By reducing commutes to work, we are reducing fuel consumption and air pollution. By reducing work wardrobes, we are reducing the demand for textiles and shipping costs to deliver the bulk of them from overseas.

And so it is with holiday giving this season: As we reduce our consumption, we give our wallets, and our planet, some extra breathing room.

Here are 7 ways you can making a positive environmental impact this season:

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree. With our blog article on the topic, we’ve got you covered here in the DFW area and beyond. Just remember: your tree must be bare in order to qualify.

  2. Cancel tinsel. Seriously. Nobody wants to remember this Christmas at the time their beloved pets choked and died.

  3. Consider a potted pine. If you have the outdoor space to accommodate another evergreen, why not use a smaller live tree indoors (for 2 weeks or less) and put it outside until planting time? Be sure to select a pine that is native to our region for best results.

  4. Skip the plastic curling ribbon. Twine, anybody? Twine will decompose over time. Unless it’s biodegradable ribbon, everyday plastic curling ribbon does not break down like twine.

  5. Reduce, reuse, and recycle… your decorations. Instead of driving demand for more consumer goods, getting crafty and recycling what you already have around your home can create as many beautiful memories with your family as beautiful decorations.

  6. Create your own centerpieces. Why buy when you can use natural materials to create beauty without the waste?

  7. Reuse ribbons and bows. Remember that aunt or grandmother who took the bows back and put them in a bag in the attic for next season? Maybe she was just being frugal, but now we know that reusing that bow with a little circle of tape can save more green than money.


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